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Your project requires Unique considerations when it comes to protection, plumbing and construction. Whether you want to turn an empty lot into luxury apartments or refurbish out-of-date units for a new market, we offer the experience to follow through successfully with all construction tasks. 


Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical home? This makes it the largest energy expense for most homes. We take care of the efficiency using smart technology and partnering with the largest name brands in heating and cooling to give you the most effective lower cost savings to heat and cool your home or building.

Water treatment

For those looking for the ultimate peace of mind, our whole home water filtration systems provide consistently clean water suitable for every use, from drinking to laundry and showers.Featuring a robust series of highly effective filters where your water supply enters your home, these filtration systems removes everything from chlorine and lead to heavy metals and harmful chemicals from your water.

Commercial Interior systems

We are an established interior finishing systems company with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, including apartments and condo building developments.
With over 40 years of combined commercial experience. You will always get the best regardless of the task. Ontario counts on Nikom to make it right.


Nikom is one of Southern Ontario’s leading roofing companies, offering superior roof repair services no matter what issues your roof is causing. From damaged and missing shingles to leaks, structural issues and more, one call to us is all you need to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively.our experienced roofing experts will provide you with a thorough assessment of your roof’s condition. Contact us for a free estimate.

Window replacement

Old, damaged windows are one of the leading causes of increased energy bills for homeowners throughout the Southern Ontario region.
Improving your home’s windows are the most effective way to protect your home and save tremendous costs on energy bills, furnace and A/C repair bills and major water damage repairs.

Smart Home automation

Running a home is expensive — no one knows that better than you. Recent advancements in technology have given homeowners everywhere the ability to save money in a wide variety of ways, from Energy Star appliances to energy-efficient LED light bulbs.
Smart home automation is the next great leap forward in const efficient homes Offering brand new ways to save on energy costs and boost the safety and security of loved ones.

Nikom Construction Inc. is a Full  service Residential and Commercial company based   in Waterloo, ON. offering a wide variety of superior commercial and residential construction, maintenance and repair services. 

From steel framing and drywall to HVAC, plumbing, smart home technology and much more, Nikom is known for quality, experience and courteous service, with every contract delivered on time and on budget.

Nikom prides itself on providing homeowners and businesses throughout Ontario with a heightened level of professional expertise. By talking with you about the specifics of your project, by answering your questions and developing a plan together, our goal is to show Ontarians everywhere that there’s a better way to provide commercial and residential construction, maintenance and repair services.

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We try not to boast a large portfolio of residential and commercial projects.

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We are an established interior finishing systems company with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, including apartments and condo building developments.

With over 40 years of combined residential and commercial experience The NIKOM guarantee is you get the best regardless of the task. 

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Technology moves fast in the commercial and residential building industry, but we’re right there with it, always exploring ways to improve your experience.

Our project diversity and commitment to quality has allowed us to exceed client needs and expectations.  Our services include general contracting, construction management, design build and Smart home incorporation giving you the most efficient technology ease of use green concepts.

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In the world of commercial, residential construction, energy efficiency and HVAC, speed, efficiency and cost mean just as much as professional design and quality hard work.

Every aspect of your home or commercial project will combine the latest technology with years of expertise and experience that allows us to deliver precisely what you want and need on time and on budget. 

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