3 Major Ways through Which Bad Home Insulation Can Harm You

3 Major Ways through Which Bad Home Insulation Can Harm You

When you think about the things inside your home that are harmful for your health, insulation is not the first thing that might pop up in your head. In fact, if you make a list of things that are harmful for your health, the insulation will at times, not even be added to that. Also, given the fact that insulation has such a long life, checking up on it can become an afterthought for most people. Sometimes, certain factors can come into play that can make your insulation go bad.

Left undetected, the insulation can go worse and it can eventually begin to make a huge impact on your overall health and lifestyle. The interesting part is that despite being aware of the dangers that bad home insulation poses to many people’s health and more, they will still not consider insulation to be the major culprit in their woes. If you’re sitting and scratching your head in puzzlement at home, you should start to look towards bad home insulation as the main reason. Sounds a bit outlandish to be true, right?

For this reason, we have highlighted the following three major ways through which bad home insulation can harm you.


1.It Slowly Poisons You

Everyone knows about the dangers of asbestos. The frightening part is that a few people pay attention to other kinds of insulation that can also be harmful for your health. Asbestos and vermiculate insulation are already well known but even fibreglass insulation can be harmful if it is improperly applied. The fibres in all three insulation types are microscopic and can be easily inhaled, particularly if the insulation is disturbed in any manner.

Once inhaled, they wreak havoc in the body by causing respiratory problems, dizziness and nausea, failure of organs, heart conditions and even cancer. Asbestos in particular is extremely problematic because symptoms of asbestos poisoning do not always manifest themselves immediately. In fact, it is quite common for people to develop symptoms years after exposure to asbestos. Carcinogenic in nature, asbestos fibres are well documented for their likelihood of causing cancer in a person.

Even vermiculate insulation contains traces of asbestos, in fact, it contains mutated type of asbestos fibres that is counted among the worst types of asbestos fibres to be exposed to. If you know you have traditional insulation in your home, it is a good idea to call in the experts and have it checked out. Usually, this type of insulation doesn’t always pose a threat but it is very easy to disturb it and release deadly fibres in the air. For this reason, removal of this kind of insulation is always done by experts. In some cases, removal can be problematic but they can still seal off the area so that the insulation is not disturbed and no fibres are released into the environment.


2.It Turns Into an Allergic Minefield

So, you don’t have traditional insulation such as asbestos or vermiculate, but you’re still sitting at home with a runny nose, watery eyes and an aching head. It must be hay fever season right? But who let the pollen in the house? If you’re sitting indoors and can smell something musty, along with the other health symptoms, you might have a mould problem. Mould forms in the dark, damp places in your home and if you have too much moisture indoors, there is nothing damper and darker than your insulation.

The problem here is that mould can begin to mature and as it does, it releases spores into the air. These spores are then inhaled and in the mildest cases, can result in allergic reactions. In severe cases or if you are unlikely enough to have an infestation of black mould, you can experience toxic mould poisoning in that can even result in death from prolonged exposure. Luckily, sometimes, you might not have mould but good old fashioned dust but if it is collecting in your insulation and building up, you know that is not good for you. It can also trigger allergic reactions and make you develop asthma. In young children, this can seriously damage their developing respiratory systems and make an impact on them, even as adults.

The best option in either scenario is to have the experts inspect the insulation in your home and replace it for you. Sometimes, the insulation can just be really old and require replacement. In this manner, you get to preserve the quality of your health and lifestyle with ease. Keep in mind that even if you suspect that there is mould or dust, rely on the experts to handle it because they know how to inspect and remove insulation properly without causing any unintentional harm.

3.A Hole in Your Wallet

If bad home insulation is not affecting your health, it is affecting your lifestyle in a very subtle manner: through your wallet. Insulation is needed to allow your room to have a controlled environment inside. The HVAC system is there to do this, but insulation also plays its On the other hand, if you have bad home insulation, you might not be able to enjoy this aspect of your home.

You will have to keep the HVAC system running for longer to get the room warm or cold. It might not seem like a big deal at that time but once you get the power bill, you will be a little astounded. In fact, many people see their power bill rise by 20% to 40% each year during the coldest months of winter and the hottest summer months. With proper insulation, you won’t have to feel like you just got robbed each time you get your power bill.

It is a good idea to get the experts to evaluate your insulation and make sure that it is in good condition. Not only is good insulation better for your energy bill, it will also allow you to ensure that your home is more energy efficient and eco-friendly. It might appear like a hefty expense at first, to get the insulation removed and replaced, but it will work like a long-term investment since you will be able to save more in terms of your energy bill.

Get Rid of Insulation?

Insulation appears to be so problematic; you might be tempted to just get rid of it completely. On the other hand, you should never consider getting rid of insulation as the safer option. Insulation is an important part of any home and is needed to properly sound proof it, insulate it and help preserve your home from any harmful elements.

Getting rid of insulation completely will be not only more damaging for you but it can also reduce the overall market value of your home. On the other hand, there are plenty of insulation options you can make use of that are eco-friendly, budget friendly and improve the value of your home. It is a good idea to work with the experts to get insulation removed and their expertise will allow you to pick the right insulation material that is suited to your home.

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Working with the Professionals

Now that you understand that bad home insulation is the main culprit here, you need to make sure that you pick the right experts to work with. Replacing insulation can be a costly endeavour but if you have the right professionals working with you, you can easily work out a proper solution that is both functional and pocket friendly for you.

DIY options shouldn’t be entertained because you can end up wasting time and money in this manner. Moreover, you damage the overall value of your house so it is better to work with a professional company for insulation. In this manner, you get good value for your money and you can stop worrying about bad home insulation negatively impacting your health.

We Can Help You!

If you are interested in working with a professional company to help you insulate your house properly, you should get in touch with Nikom Construction. Our services are designed to not help with proper insulation of your home; we can also address a number of different projects, including creative ones that add more value to your home, make it eco-friendly, energy efficient and more.

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About Nikom Construction

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Due to their expertise in handling different projects, as well as understanding the requirements of most homeowners, Nikom Construction offers the following services for residential or commercial buildings:

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  • Insulation – For maximum protection against weather changes and to improve the environment indoors, insulation plays a huge role. Whether you want to get installed or simply maintained, Nikom construction can handle it for you.
  • Solar Ventilation – For the most eco-friendly option, get solar power ventilation fans that can keep your home cool and aid in lowering energy bills.

Costs associated with Nikom Construction’s services can differ based on the kind of project you have in mind. For this reason, it is better to get in touch with Nikom Construction to get a proper estimate on the kind of project you have in mind.

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