How to Creatively Add More Space in Your Home

How to Creatively Add More Space in Your Home

While people always advise that you should buy a house with enough space that you can grow into, it cannot always be the case. Sometimes, as your family grows, you might find that the house has slowly become cramped over time. In such instances, you will have to look for ways to add more space to your house to stop it from becoming too cramped for you.

Adding space to an already constructed home can be problematic but it can be done. While people would usually tear down walls or add a room above their garage area or more, you don’t have to resort to it. Adding space can also be done if you are willing to think out of the box for a bit. The best part is that there are plenty of creative ways that don’t require you to tear down your house.

Based on the kind of budget you have available as well as the layout of the house, you can make use of the following creative suggestions to enhance or add more space to your home:

Increasing the Wall to Window Ratio

A feeling of space can be created by enhancing the natural light of a room. Luckily, you don’t have to get more windows added to your room. All you need to do is focus on widening and lengthening them. By improving the wall to window ratio, you can create a sudden sense of space. It also allows for more light to come in.

The glass panes you get installed in the new windows should also be larger and if possible, unbroken. Divided glass panes can make the window appear smaller, even if it is initially large. To truly take advantage of this trick, make sure that your windows are placed at an angle that naturally receives more sunlight. Even if you want to cover them, use white curtains that will complement the natural light filtering in.

Improving Outdoor Space

If your house feels too cramped inside with no apparent room for improvement, it is a good idea to look outdoors. In this case, you should focus on your deck as well as your back yard or garden area. Building a deck outside gives you a seating area where you can unwind and relax. It also gives you a sense of space.

You can also opt to enhance your porch by making a wraparound one. This also adds some space as it gives you an outdoor spot where you can lounge. Structurally, it also protects your doorstep from snow during the winters so it is an addition worth looking into. For your back yard, you can also get creative by introducing garden furniture and keeping it well-maintained. This will also work like having a deck or a porch; you can easily sit there and relax.

Having Multi-Purpose Rooms

A good way to make space in your home is by opting to have multi-purpose rooms or by embracing an open floor plan that will give your small area a more spacious appearance. By smashing out an unwanted wall or two, you can easily increase the size of your area and enhance the usability of that room.

Having multi-purpose rooms also saves you a lot of space while simultaneously adding to it. Many popular options for multi-purpose rooms include having a study desk or a study nook in the bedroom or a breakfast bar in the kitchen instead of a separate dining area, or even an open plan drawing room and TV lounge. However, this depends largely on the kind of space that is available once the walls come down.

Sliding Walls

If you’re not ready to commit to no walls around the house, you can opt for another alternative by having sliding walls. Sliding walls can easily replace your doorway by becoming one giant doorway. In this manner, you can retain your privacy when you need it and leave the wall open if you need the open space.

When opting for a sliding wall, always make sure that you have a high and wide doorway as well. Also make sure that you also have enough space when the wall is being slid open for it to not knock into other things. It can be a bit tricky but pay attention to this aspect beforehand. Otherwise it can get be problematic to fix if you get the measurements wrong here.

Adding a Loft

If you have high ceilings but cannot find any space around you, it is a good option to make a small loft around you. By having a loft, you can give yourself or others a place to read, study or even sleep in if they require such a space. It also means that you don’t have to allocate a portion of your room and you get to save space while adding some.

Moreover, it also gives a bigger semblance of privacy, especially if room space is hard to come by at the moment. While it might not be perfect to have a loft for everyday usage, it can be perfect for when you have unexpected overnight visitors and don’t have a room for them to crash in.

Storage Spaces in the Stairs

The biggest problem comes with not having enough storage space in a house. The first thing you need to do is to sort out all the stuff you have and cut down on the junk that you have. When you have the essentials, the pile will be much smaller. You can also make a smaller storage space which will leave the attic free for you to use as you need.

To store these, you can turn the bottom of the stairs into a storage space. While many people do have a small attic under the stairs, you can turn the whole area into shelves with sliding doors on them. In this way, you can have a discreet staircase that can open up to turn into shelving space. It can also work as an impromptu coat closet.

Finishing the Basement

Another way you can add more space and even a completely new bedroom is by finishing the basement. Many people often overlook the basement, leaving it a raw mess. Luckily, you can easily choose to have it finished and used as any room you might have in mind, including a recreational room.

The versatility you get here is also coupled with the fact that having a finished basement can significantly impact your house’s overall value in a positive manner. For this reason, opting to get a basement properly finished and furnished is a good idea. The best part is that you can even get proper plumbing and have a bathroom installed, making the area completely liveable. In some cases, many people choose to finish their basements in this manner so that they can rent them out.

Getting the Professionals Onboard

When you are considering creative options to increase space in your home, it is a good idea to work with professionals. By choosing to hire a construction company, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble as they will have the proper knowledge on how to go about making the changes you require.

For example: If you want to get a wall knocked down to add more space, hiring a construction company can help since they are able to understand the layout of a house much better. In this manner, they can ensure that you do not unintentionally knock out a load-bearing wall. Any harm to this type of wall can mean that you end up causing serious structural damage to your home.

Finishing up a basement can also be easily done with the help of a good construction company since, once again, they have the skill-set and the proper know how to help you get the perfect basement. Whether you want to turn it into a bedroom, make it into a lounge or a recreational room, with the help of the right professionals, you will be able to do all that and more.


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