How to Save Money Each Year by Insulating Your Attic ($1500 green on rebate available)Get yours today!

How to Save Money Each Year by Insulating Your Attic ($1500 green on rebate available)Get yours today!

Did you hear Ontario Government is offering thousands in rebates for energy-efficient home renovations ? 

In order to access the rebates, homeowners will have to work with a contractor that’s been screened and qualified under the program and listed at GreenON.ca. The program “will make it easy and more affordable” for homeowners to make environmentally-friendly choices for their home improvements.”If you’ve got a cold second floor or extension that just never warms up, then the Green Ontario Fund is here to help,” .Our homes are under-insulated. The older your home, the more money is leaking out through heat, through cold. Money is leaking, along with greenhouse gas pollution.” Nikom Construction is a certified contractor and you can receive up to $1500 back from the Ontario government for your attic insulation. 

Owning a house is a dream-come-true for many but if you don’t maintain it or look after it properly, you could actually be slowly losing money over time. Like with anything else, always pay attention to the little things that can add up and become larger. One of these small things which can become problematic later if you overlook it, happens to be insulation. Now, you might have your house insulated but you should also consider insulating the rooms you tend to not use so frequently.

Among these rooms is the attic. Usually located on the top of the house, attics tend to be used as storage areas. For this reason, many people don’t consider investing too much money into their attic. Plus where else can you experience a horror movie type atmosphere; if you spend too much time in an insulated attic, especially during winters, you can expect your fingers to start freezing and your breath to frost up.

Unfortunately, by not opting to insulate your attic, you are actually losing a lot of money. Now when you think about it, this won’t make much sense for you since how are you saving any if you are spending it to get your attic insulated? The fact is that this is more of a long-term saving option that will become apparent slowly over the years. If you are still confused about how this is possible, take a look at the following reasons that highlight just how you save money each year by insulating your attic.


How Do You Save Money Through Insulation?

Saving money through insulation will become apparent in different ways. Many homeowners are considering the benefits of insulating their homes. The best part is that this isn’t just a myth. There are tangible benefits to having your attic insulated such as the following:

Energy Efficiency

An insulated attic makes your home truly energy efficient. You aren’t wasting extra by keeping the heating on for longer to keep the room snug and comfortable, particularly since Canadian winters can get to such freezing temperatures. Even during the summers, an insulated attic can benefit you as you’re not using so much energy to keep your home cool. By cutting down on the amount of energy you are using, you manage to lower your energy bill.

Considering the fact that energy bills are a recurrent expense that must be met each month, every little thing makes a difference. Over the years, the amount you save on the energy bill will allow you to have more leg room in your budget. An insulated attic also means that you don’t have to worry about pesky drafts during the winter.

Better for Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are an integral part of any home and while they can last for a lot of years, if it is overstrained or overworked, it will require more maintenance, be more likely to breakdown and function poorly. With an attic that isn’t insulated, you will be overworking your HVAC system since the heat or the cool air will be escaping through the attic.

This ends up adding to your expenses as you will have to continuously run your HVAC system. With an insulated attic, you can give your HVAC system a break. Moreover, it will also be able to cool your home or keep it warm, depending on the weather, with ease. You not only get to save more money on your energy bill, you also get to save it by having a perfectly healthy HVAC system too.

More Versatility

Always looked at the space available in your attic and wanted to do more to it? An insulated attic can introduce more versatility as it is then more comfortable. You can turn it into a loft, an additional room, a little play room and more. A perfectly insulated attic can be a great addition to your home due to this factor. Many people like to capitalize on this option, especially when they are running out of space.

In some instances, people have also managed to increase the overall value of their home by having the attic insulated. Much like a finished basement, an insulated attic is an untapped asset that can enhance the overall value of a house by a few hundred dollars. While many people feel this amount is insignificant, it can make a huge difference over the years as the house value increases too.

Prevents Damage

On the surface, you would never think that an attic would contribute to roof damage but it actually does. If it is improperly insulated, heat escaping from the attic can cause the snow on the roof to melt. This in turn creates ice dams as well as allows for access moisture to be present in the attic. This can seep into the wood work, weakening the roof, causing rot and even allowing the growth of mildew and mould.

With a properly insulated attic, this isn’t an issue since you can stop the heat from escaping. Moreover, the insulation material can also help to strengthen the overall infrastructure of your roof so you actually tend to save money. It can cost a lot of money to get a weak roof fixed or to get mould and mildew out of the roof with ease.

Luckily with the help of the benefits highlighted above, you will see the monetary benefits that come with keeping your house insulated. Luckily, there are some non-monetary benefits too that an insulated attic can provide to you such as the following:

Better for the Environment

Having an insulated attic is also better for the environment since it allows you to cut down on your carbon foot-print. By making use of less energy, you’re already on your way to making your home more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the simplest and easiest manner possible.

In fact, many home owners often consider proper insulation in their homes as means of being more eco-friendly. The best part is that the benefits you incur from keeping your attic insulated can make you want to be more environmentally conscious as well.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can suffer a lot in a home with poor insulation. This is because just as air escapes out of the house, it can also enter. This means that dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens can find their way into your house perfectly easily. This can drastically make an impact on the overall quality of your indoor air. In this simple manner, you can boost your health and cut down on allergies too, particularly during allergy season.

Moreover, since you are spending a lot of your time indoors, the quality of your indoor air can make a significant difference on your health. For this reason, insulation proves to be invaluable in ensuring that you are spending your time in a healthy and safe environment.

Consulting the Experts

When you are considering getting your attic insulated, it is a good idea to work with the professionals. They are not only knowledgeable about proper insulation but can also help to take various factors into consideration that will work out to your benefit. Whether you want insulation that is cost-effective, eco-friendly and within your budget, they can work with you to ensure that all your requirements are properly met.

While many people tend to opt for DIY solutions for insulation of the attic, this can backfire as improper insulation means that you waste resources, time and money. By working with the experts, you have a chance to get it right the first time around and ensure that you that you have a perfectly insulated attic that will be a valuable addition for you and allow you to get the maximum benefits possible.

Sometimes, your attic might also be in an odd shape that can make insulation more challenging. By working with professional insulation companies, you can ensure that these challenges are easily overcome. This also means that you are able to get the insulation in place without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Let Nikom Construction Help You

If you are interested in working with a professional company to help you insulate your attic properly, you should get in touch with Nikom Construction. Our services are designed to not help with proper insulation of your attic; we can also address a number of different projects, including creative ones that add more value to your home, make it eco-friendly, energy efficient and more.

Whether you want an estimate on insulating your attic or want to get more ideas, you can easily get in touch with us and our experts can successfully evaluate and asses the proper mode to take when considering finishing the basement in your home. For more information regarding our services, feel free to call us at: 519-721-6457. You can also visit our website to fill in an online form to get a free consultation session and a free estimate on your home.

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