Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Transform your tap water into something clean and invigorating with our whole house water filters. Tested to reduce over 97% of chlorine.

Water Conditioning and Softening Systems

Multiple cost effective ways to Discover the eco-friendly salt-free water softener effective at preventing 99.6% of scale and hard water build up.

CSA Certified Products and Parts

CSA Group provides product testing, inspection, and certification services to Canada, the U.S., Europe, and worldwide.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force less pure water through a membrane that blocks impurities and forces cleaner more tasteful water in the end.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

A water filter has the important job of removing impurities from water. Maintaining a high level quality of water requires a effective running system.

Financing available

We have the most Competitive Pricing and all systems come with Manufacturer Warranties for our labor. Leaving you with no out of pocket cost.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

For those looking for the ultimate peace of mind, our whole home water filtration systems provide consistently clean water suitable for every use, from drinking to laundry and showers.

Featuring a robust series of highly effective filters where your water supply enters your home, these filtration systems removes everything from chlorine and lead to heavy metals and harmful chemicals from your water.

With incredible energy efficiency and no loss of water pressure, the whole home water filtration system is the simplest and most effective water treatment solution for every tap and appliance in your home.

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Water Conditioning and Softening Systems

Hard water features an abundance of calcium and magnesium, which tends to be much harsher on skin, clothing and your home’s plumbing.

For some in Southern Ontario, hard water is an issue that requires an effective, lasting solution — especially for those on well water.

Water softening systems are a great way to filter out these elements, replacing them with sodium or potassium, giving you softer water that’s ideal for cleaning and bathing. Some homeowners choose to take it a step further with a water conditioning system, which also removes chlorine and the foul smell sometimes associated with hard water. These systems provide water that is not only ideal for cleaning and bathing, but drinking as well.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

For those looking for an effective point-of-use filtration system (one that attaches directly to your tap), Nikom offers a selection of efficient, cost-effective reverse osmosis systems. These compact, convenient water treatment systems filter out a host of chemicals, dissolved solids and debris, providing you with clear, sparkling drinking water wherever they’re installed.

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